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The ‘Relationship Revival’ Luxury Relationship Retreat Program is for those who wish to experience the Ultimate Wellness Escape. Heal relationships, reconnect with yourself, your partner or others & move forward….

You may desire an oustanding luxury all inclusive couples relaxation getaway with a wellness influence, or maybe you wish to take time out to work on your relationship and enjoy a luxury getaway with the bonus of a personalised couples retreat program to assist you in dealing directly with any issues you face in a safe and warm environment. Your relationship retreat is private and in your own own private luxury accommodation.

We offer two types of relationship retreat programs:

  • Relationship Repair Retreat w Counselling

  • Couples Relaxation Getaway

This retreat experience, will provide you with a once in a lifetime opportunity to completely renew and revive your relationships with yourself and your partner. Heal any past relationship trauma and overcome any personal obstacles that hold you back from experiencing loving, full, happy, balanced relationships and enjoy a luxury relaxation experience together.

FAQs About How Our Couples Counselling Works.

This is the ultimate couples retreat and we guarantee you will leave feeling refreshed, balanced & C.L.E.A.R. upon completing your transformational journey with us. This program is based on proven relationship counselling initiatives and programs created and utilised over many years by our relationships counsellors and holistic therapists. You will be supported and safely guide along your path to healthy happy relationships in an inspirational way.

This is an All Inclusive Relationship Retreat. Alive caters to your individual needs and provides you with anything you wish to make your wellness retreat experience a life changing journey.

This retreat caters for those who:

  • Require Couples Relationship Help
  • Require Intensive & Private Marriage Counselling
  • Need Closure From Past/Hurtful Relationships
  • Need Help Clearing Emotional Trauma or Pain Due To Relationship  Breakdown
  • Want To Overcome Personal Relationship Issues
  • Want Help Maintain a Happy Harmonious Relationship
  • Need Help Creating Healthy Relationship Foundations
  • Improve Key Relationship Skills; Communication | Trust | Compassion | Commitment | Equality | Intimacy | Sexuality
  • Wish To Explore Your Relationship Beliefs & Values Through Specific Habit & Issue Releasing Therapies & Techniques
  • Help Learning To Experience Joy, Balance & Love in All Relationships
  • Feel Like They Deserve The Break of A Lifetime To Relax, Revive & Invigorate Body, Mind & Soul!!!

If any of the above relates to you then this couples getaway is for you!
‘Take time out of your busy life and reconnect with your ability to experience loving, happy and balanced relationships.’
Let our experienced holistic practitioners devote their time to  guiding you on a journey of physical, mental, emotional and energetic transformation. You will be guided on an emotional journey as you experience a deep release and healing within.

You will experience  the ultimate wellness retreat as you surround yourself with nature and luxury. You will be left feeling physically healthy, emotionally calm, energetically balanced and invigorated. With your vitality renewed and a fresh understanding of how to experience and enjoy harmonious and balanced relationships you can return to your life with a sense of wellness, joy and calm equipped with healthy relationship tools to last a lifetime.

We encourage you to create your own ultimate retreat program however below is an outline of an Alive Relationship Revival Luxury Wellness Retreat.

Your Wellness Program:

  • Deluxe Private 4-5 Star Accomodation Surrounded By Nature (Your Choice)
  • Luxury Exotic Escape Destinations
  • Facilitator Support, Guidance and Professional Assistance
  • Organic/Byo-dynamic delicious C.L.E.A.R. cuisine
  • Fresh Juices | Nutritional Supplements | Herbs
  • Relationship Counseling With Our Relationships Expert
  • Yoga and/or Meditation
  • Personal Training
  • Massage
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Bonus Therapy/s (Your Choice)
  • Guided Walks
  • Materials | Books | Music | Information Relevant To Your Program
  • Additional/Available Extras:
  • Full Time Private Chef
  • Full Time 24 Hr Assistant
  • Adventure Activities/Local Tourist Attractions
  • Full Time Driver
  • Security/Bodyguard
  • Private Jet/Helicopter Transfers
  • Nanny

Program 2 – Lovers get away exquisite ecstatic excitement (EEE)